Pellet stoves



Pellet stoves Astra are effective home heating appliances, intended to heat ambience with hot air flow. Fast heating of a room is assured by a ventilator. The control of the stoves is fully automatic and exhibits various programmable possibilities: setting start and stop time; setting different output levels for different time periods, 7 days, 24 hours; maintaining the set room temperature with a room thermostat. As an additional option, a remote control unit can be supplied. The standard 6 mm pellets are used for fueling and with one full load of them the stove operates more than 24 hours at minimum output level. It suffices to remove ashes every time the new fuel load is made. Pellet stoves Astra are equipped with stainless steel heat exchanger for longer service life. These stoves are good heating solution for your home, office, shop or summer cottage.

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